Solomon J. Benatar, an entrepreneur in spirit and a pioneer in his industry, was responsible for creating one of the first 1” Video Editing Post Production Houses in Dallas, Texas. After many years of Post Production at the professional level, he realized there was not a pro house for the consumer. An idea was conceived and later born in 1984.

That idea was U-Edit Video. The first of its kind in the area during the mid 80’s, U-Edit Video was the original Post Production facility dedicated to the consumer.

Sol helped to create this service oriented facility to help many of you today create great home movies, touch up small projects or even for the small business owner, like himself, make that innovative and cool demo reel or commercial. Sol was a visionary and predicted that the future of editing for the consumer was just beginning.

Our original location and film lab in Richardson closed in December of 2017, yet we are still here working hard and consulting on every aspect of video, audio, multimedia, and websites.  We have come a long way with the advancement of technology and we have guided a lot of customers and clients with us. We hope to continue with our excellent variety of consulting services helping many with their great video, audio, website and even multimedia projects.

Please feel free to contact us.