Film transfer has been a service at U-Edit Video since our inception in 1984. Our goal is to provide a high quality transfer backed by our usual great customer service. The process for transferring has changed through the years and in our efforts to continue to give the customers what they want and evolve we too have changed. Although you can still order DVDs, we will only transfer full high definition. The following information will breakdown process and costs and we look forward to working with you.

Before the process the most common questions are: So how much film do you have and what type do you have? Here is a list of film and what they might look like. There is 8mm, super 8mm, 16mm, super 16mm, and 35mm film (not still photos). As for how much do you have…well here is a list of reel sizes the amount of approximate feet and the estimated run time of that said film.

The Process


Our film transfer is an in depth process, you have questions, we have answers, and the proper procedures takes time, so it is best we have a dedicated technician so you get the service you deserve.  All film drop offs / pick ups must be a scheduled appointment.


We will take your film and individually inspect each reel. If a reel is rigid, brittle, or contains bad splices our technicians will take the time to repair it. Your reel may be on backwards or even inverted, so during the review we will figure this out for you and fix it prior to running your films.


We now offer full solution cleaning as a built in service, your film reels are inspected by our techs then they are moved to cleaning. We do a cleaning and lubrication process to help your film run smoothly when we transfer it. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you how we are cleaning the film, that is a trade secret, but we can tell you that we protect your films as if they were our own and we always are careful about applying only the safest treatment methods for restoration.


Now we get to the fun stuff, your old movies! We route your film through our scanning system into the computer in full high definition. The signal is monitored for focus, exposure, and color. Once the film is into our computer system we run the materials through our edit suite. This lets us do a close review of the footage and gives us a chance to prepare it for you.


Preparing your file or files takes time. Depending on the format you need delivered…we will spend 2-3 times the run time length of your film encoding your materials to the desired file format. We do not bill separately for this service, it is built in to the pricing; however, it is critical that you select the right option in the beginning to avoid additional unnecessary costs in the end.


To edit or not to edit? That is the question. The films are now in the edit suite and there are a couple of options at this point, but it all starts with whether you want to edit the materials. When you are in for your consult we can discuss this in more detail, but here are just a few ideas of what editing can accomplish.

-reorganize films, add titles, add voice over, add music, remove footage, integrate other edit materials plus much more.


Once you have decided your transferring with us and we have moved through your directorial debut as the executive editor on the project we can look at how you will get your finished films back. First and foremost, you will get your original reels back, we never keep them and always return what you brought to us. Then, we can deliver in almost any format you like. We currently offer: H264 mov (preferred MAC users) on USB, H264 mp4 (preferred PC users) on USB, DVD, VHS, or Blu-ray.


Our timeline is 4-5 weeks for delivery of your film. We do everything in house, but as you can see above it is a fairly long and intensive process. We want to do the best job with your film, but sometimes you need it faster so we have rush options available based on the number of feet of film you have to transfer and of course if you are editing that can effect our overall desired timeline as well.


We can honestly say we have thousands of satisfied customers, as we have transferred over 1 million feet of film over our last 3+ decades in business. We will state that no individual results will be the same since no individuals are bringing in the same materials and looking for the same results, but you will be pleased.


Our film costs for high definition are $0.60 per foot to go through review, clean, transfer, and export. If you would like editing, the fees are not included and are $125/hr with a half hour minimum. These potential editing fees are discussed during your consultation, and we can determine these numbers with you here. Of course if you have no editing services, then there are no editing fees. The deliverables costs are based on media and any services needed to prepare the media for final delivery.

Our film orders do have a minimum requirement of $60.00

VHS Media

$60.00 per two hours of film

DVD Media

$10.00 per two hours of film

Blu-ray Media

$25.00 per two hours of film

USB flash memory

(mov or mp4) $25.00 per two hours of film

**Additional copies are priced the same as above unless modified in your consultation by your technician.

PLEASE NOTE: At this time we do not accept customers blank media.


So the cost is high and you are not a bank…we know the feeling. Here are a couple of quick ways to help pay for your film

  1. Ask your parents to pay for it.
  2. Get the costs all summed up and split it between all your siblings or all the cousins.
  3. If this is old football films or an old event where you still have friends that are in the films, reach out and see if they will help fund the memories.


You might say, i want to transfer and that is it…thats okay, but here are a few ideas of what to do with your films once transferred.

  1. Have the oldest living relatives who can document what is going on the film record their voice talking about the films. This is a neat way to archive your family history with a familiar patriarch or matriarch’s voice. Most of the time we never remember what our grandparents sounded like, and more often than not we never even heard our great grandparents talk. So for generations to come you can leave a resonating video and audio historical recollection of your family.
  2. You can surprise a family member by transferring the materials and giving them as a gift. Many folks have not seen these films in 20+ years. The memories that come rushing back, the experience, the surprise….has no set value, but is pretty good thing to do for someone.
  3. Birthdays, Father’s Day, July 4th family reunions plus much more…. share your ancestry in a way no one else has thought of yet!
  4. Holiday gifts – Give the film as a gift. They are sure to love it.



2.75” – 50 Feet – 3 minutes
4.72” – 200 Feet – 13 Minutes
5” – 300 Feet – 20 Minutes
7” – 400 Feet – 27 Minutes


2 15/16” – 50 Feet – 1.5 minutes
4 15/16” – 200 Feet – 6 Minutes
5 12/16” – 300 Feet – 9 Minutes
6 1/2” – 400 Feet – 12 Minutes