Editing is electronically copying selected scenes from your original source tape to a new blank tape that becomes your edited master. Digital effects, music, titles, and narration can be added to your video to give it that polished, professional look. You can do it yourself or have technician assistance.


Now that we are offering a mobile solution and are cloud based, we require appointments. ┬áThe minimum charge is for a half hour. Rates are prorated to the quarter hour. After-hours editing is at management’s sole discretion and additional charges will apply. Media is not included with editing. Editing Bay time starts at appointment time. Unless a cancellation is received 24 hours in advance, charges are deemed due. Charges may be waived for late appointments.
*$25.00 Appointment Cancellation


Non-Linear, digital editing system!
Fast & Slow motion, Custom Titles, Freeze
Frames, Hundreds of Digital Effects, Multiple
Tracks of Audio. (includes technician)

Consumer & Pro Formats Available!
We can also work with digital files from Adobe AFX,
Premier Pro, AVID, Vegas Video, iMovie, Final Cut Pro
plus many others.

EDIT RATES. . . . . starting at $125/hr